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Amanda trail

I Am An Oregonian
Published by Aleksey in Travel · 12 February 2022
Amanda's trail is the least explored trail in Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. It goes from City of Yachats to the top of Cape Perpetua. I was planning hiking this trail back and forth from Yachats, but.... I had a ride from Yachats to Cape Perpetua visitor center (thank you Tatiana) and hiked two trails: Saint Perpetua trail to the top of Cape Perpetua and then hiked down to Yachats using Amanda trail. So who is Amanda? Amanda was a blind indian woman who got separated from her doughter by Indian Agents, and the trail was named after her. Actually, the trail was officially closed by red tape with the notice: "hazordous tree and bridge construction". First, I was scarried away by this notice, but I met fellow hiker who said: "I just maid it, it was sketchy, but I got it". So I decided to take a risk a go to this trail. Yes, the tree blocking the trail was huge, and the way around was challanging, but I made it too!

4.91 mi
Elevation gain
1,122 ft
Moving time
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Antonio Cuenco
13 Feb 2022
Wow! Great view from the hiking trails! So lush trees and the statue looks majestic as well.

Good on you for not letting that red tape stop you :)
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