Pamelia Lake backpacking

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Pamelia Lake backpacking

I Am An Oregonian
Published by Aleksey in Travel · 5 September 2022
Originally, I wanted to go to Linton Lake for backpacking. But.... for staying overnight you need to have a wilderness permit. Well, I was not able to get this one. Instead, I got a permit for backapking in Pamelia Lake area. And it was a really great experience! First day I hiked to Hanks Lake, and next day I summited Grizzly Peak!

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06 Sep 2022
Sounds lots of fun.
06 Sep 2022
Yes, I had enough food and brought back a halve of my food supply!
aimei chen
06 Sep 2022
Wow, very impressive view! Just being curious, with a small backpack, did you have enough food? :-)
05 Sep 2022
Very nice setup you got there! Did you see any wild animals?

Also the peak mountain shot looks so good!
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