Threemile Lake winter hike

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Threemile Lake winter hike

I Am An Oregonian
Published by Aleksey in Travel · 8 February 2023
It was my first winter backpacking trip! I was backpacking here last summer, and it was a lot of fun - beautiful place, and just a few people around. But I want to see this place at winter, suspecting it will be all for myself. And this is what exactly happened! I was alone in this area fpr two days, not meeting a single person during the hike and the camping. The weather was wonderful on Saturday, but some rain was forecasted for night, and I was prepared for that. But very powerful wind storm caught me by surprise! Wind gusts tried to destroy my tent at night, and the night was sleepless! One tent stake was torn out, but fortunately the tent remained standing!

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10 Feb 2023
Wow, Aleksey is very brave. Could be filmed into a movie🤩
08 Feb 2023
Looks so much fun and adventurous! Wow!! That wind gusts must be so strong! Stay safe.

And Hoooray! for your new chat function. Bravo!
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