Winter trip to Kurgan

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Winter trip to Kurgan

I Am An Oregonian
Published by Aleksey in Travel · 26 January 2022
Finally, I was able to travel to Russia during the winter! And I have double excuse to do so: First, I missed Russian winter, especially during holiday season. And second, my mom's birthday is December 31!
The trip was smooth and easy, and I had a stop in New York before flying over Atlantic - it maks a big difference for the comfort. The weather in Kurgan was nice: the coldest temperature was about -22F, but most of the time the temperature was around 14F

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04 Feb 2022
Ohhh! This looks magical. Can’t wait to see it! Planning to go during summer vacation this year with Ksenia.

Thanks for sharing! And belated happy birthday to Babushka! :)
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